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Customize your Cartoons

Select & personalize your cartoon persons from the categories below
Woman cartoon character-Order  He Man Cartoon Character-Order Cartoon Character of boy-Order Girl Cartoon Character-Order Baby Cartoon Character-Order Animal Cartoon Character-Order
Animal (Pets)
The absence of some selected facial features (like eyes, or nose, or mouth) on some
of our cartoon persons is intentional and by design. Read more about this in our F.A.Q.
(PLEASE NOTE: Cartoons are ALWAYS optional and MUST be ordered with at least 1 stationery item
You can order up to 8 cartoons on selected stationery items - See details below)

How to order cartoon persons
 with your Paper Follies Customized Stationery Products

Cartoon orders must be added to the cart via an order form different than the one used to customize stationery products. If you plan on ordering cartoons for your stationery products do the following:

  1. In the stationery order form Choose 'YES' to the option about ordering cartoons (you will NOT be charged for the cartoons as this point).
  2. Submit the stationery order to the cart.
  3. From the cart, return to our site and come back to this section to select, customize, and purchase your cartoons.

Cartoon persons (including pets) cost Only 60 cents each. And ordering them is a 1-2-3 easy process:

  1. Click on the category of the cartoon character you want to order (e.g. click on " Baby Cartoon Persons " if you are ordering a character to be the look-alike of your infant or toddler.
  2. Use the handy order forms to customize your order with your look-alike cartoon persons choosing head styles, skin tones, hair color, outfit styles, animal breed if applicable) . 
  3. Add your customized cartoon character to the shopping cart. Repeat the process for EACH character to be placed on your stationery items.
  4. Once you have added all your cartoons to the cart, proceed to payment and finalization of your order (or return to the site to order your stationery items if you had not done that already)

    *Note: If you need to make changes to any cartoon person already submitted to the cart, reset the quantity to zero in the cart for that given character and update the cart. Then return to this section to re-customize and re-submit your character again.

BASIC RULE about cartoon ordering:
Cartoons can NOT be ordered without stationery items. Please visit our FAQ section for more details/rules on ordering cartoons without stationery items.

Cartoon quantity limit:
You can order up to 8 cartoon persons for most stationery items. However some stationery items do have restrictions because of size or design constraints. Please visit our FAQ section with details about cartoon restrictions here.

If buying many stationery items:
You can purchase several different stationery types within the same order but you will pay only once for the customized cartoon (s) you order. You just need to tell us which of the stationery items will display the cartoons that you have ordered. Please visit our FAQ section with details about cartoon charges here.

If ordering cartoon portraits:
If you are ordering Cartoons from Photos there is no need to fill out a cartoon order form for each cartoon persons. Visit our Cartoons Portraits section and choose a package option (all include a photo frame). Then Email us the file of the photo that you want to turn into a cartoon portrait. We will create your cartoons from that photo file. For further details about ordering Cartoon Portraits visit our FAQ section.

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